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Musical Dreams Is my second home. It's been 9 years with MD now and it still feels so refreshing because there's a lot of positivity, knowledge and immensely talented people who are working selflessly to create this wonderful organisation/academy. All the faculty and team members are equally hardworking and honest towards their jobs. It's been a major stepping stone in my career and I feel lucky to have started off with MD. we know, the most important part of a tree is its root. Likewise, the root of MD is Meeta Jain Nagpal (Meeta mum) who is a pure soul. I've never met a person like her in my entire life. I feel blessed to be an inseparable part of musical Dreams and I have no words to describe my love. So I would like to sum-up by saying that I'll always be there whenever you need me. 
I love you guys forever. ♥️

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