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Friday Funkaar is an  initiative of Meeta Nagpal where young artist can collaborate, associate, connect, learn and grow together. She also keeps an eye on the various talents that come to this platform and promotes these talents in the commercial event industry by grooming them and making their profile. One of the biggest struggles that young artists face is an entry in the live entertainment industry, and through this initiative of hers, she is  able to become a bridge between them.


Happy Concert  - This idea came into action as a way to promote music and happiness to the underprivileged. Here, the young artists go to various underprivileged organizations or schools and perform for them free of cost. The warmth and enthusiasm received by the audience along with their claps, smiling faces and dancing moves encourage us  to spread happiness and take this forward. The artistes along with the team proudly call themselves  'The Happiness Ambassadors'. 


Take the Stage -  This is an initiative where professional along with pre professional artist showcase their talent on a grand stage. A very talked about show run for many years in front of her house full audience. Not only would it improve the performing skills and training it would create a bond of unity, versatility, dedication and teamwork the performers. The participants  would range from all age group, gender and economic strata.


Indian Band League - The Indian Band League is an online Battle of Bands. Here, emerging and established singers and musicians send their entries which are published on digital platforms creating visibility and interaction with a wider audience for the participating bands. This also comes with the opportunity of winning prizes and recognition. . This initiative encourages and inspires people to create free and independent music.

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