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meeta nagpal

Entrepreneur | Social Worker | Author

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Stars, Creativity, Dreams, Hopes, Performance these are some words I resonate with.


From early childhood I was fond of the stage. As my mother tells me, that I would sit through endless rehearsals at Natya Ballet Center  in Delhi when I was all of 2. After rehearsals,  I used to perform before the artistes who were rehearsing and loved every bit of it.


Applause, Stage, Dance, Music, Audience these are some of the words that fascinate me.


I began learning Kathak  and Theatre at a very young age. From the age of 6 I was giving performances on TV, and even on international stages (Rare opportunities back then).


Academics, Romance, Marriage, Motherhood, Family, are words which highlight my life in my initial days of youth.


Getting married to my college sweetheart made my life complete. A good partner gets the best out of you. My husband always encouraged me and I became a DU Topper. My life was complete with a loving family, a doting Husband and 2 naughty sons. Satisfaction at a personal front gives wings to a person. The years I gave as a homemaker to my family strengthened my bond with them and I enjoy  the fruits till now.


Courage, Aspirations, Belief, Ambition, Confidence are a part of my Life.


I started my venture Musical Dreams 17 years ago from my living room and today it proudly stands as a renowned name in the field of artistic development. My organisation has imparted training at professional and  pre-professional  level for singing, music and dance.  It has been able to nurture and touch upon lives off more than 5000 people. Though not a  performing artiste today I have been able to groom and present my artistes in a unique way. Today a few of them hold high respect in the industry.


Unstoppable, Unique, Achiever, Diverse, Growth are words that I believe in.


I'm a creative being. Being an Author, a Counsellor, a Poet, a  Social Worker, a Script Writer,  a Leader in many organizations and an Eager Student keeps me going. I love to learn and take up challenges. I make mistakes but I don't shy away from them. I Look forward to keep on adding new dimensions in my life. I believe that ‘I don’t have to Prove myself I only have to Improve myself.’


Happiness, Gratitude, Peace, Optimist, Empathy describe me the best.


Meeta Nagpal

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